5 SEO Myths Busted

Here at Hemel Web Design we pride ourselves on delivering an honest and reliable service, striving to do our best for every single client we take on. We put the customer first, but unfortunately not all web design and SEO companies take the same approach, and instead take advantage of the fact that it is a technical industry to dupe their clients. So let’s get 5 SEO Myths busted.

With this in mind, we bust the top 5 SEO myths.

The Myth: Rankings on page 1 of the Google SERPs can be ‘guaranteed’.

The Reality: No company can guarantee organic, natural search results, and if they say they can then they’re being disingenuous and you should tread carefully.

Make sure you enquire as to whether they are referring to organic or paid search as, although paid listings do offer the opportunity to appear on page 1 for your key phrases, each click is going to cost you money and once your daily budget has run out, your listing will disappear until the following day.

The Myth: The higher your PageRank, the higher your rankings.

The Reality: This is a common misconception, but just because you have a decent PageRank it doesn’t mean you are going to rank for your phrases.

PR is only one of a couple of hundred factors considered by the Google search algorithm, however because it is so much more visible than the others, it has gained much more priority from some.

The Myth: Some SEO companies have been ‘Endorsed by Google’.

The Reality: Google does not endorse any SEO companies, so if you see one that is suggesting as such they are at worst fraudulent or at best trying to deceive you – which does not bode well for your dealings with them.

Google do provide Analytics and AdWords certification, but this does not represent a seal of approval as to their SEO service.

The Myth: Meta keyword tags matter.

The Reality: Even though Google’s very own Matt Cutts declared meta keyword tags dead years ago, the idea that they are important is still very much alive. If an SEO company claims ‘optimising your meta keyword tags’ is a key part of their service – steer well clear.

The Myth: Rankings are the be-all and end-all.

The Reality: Why do you want to rank well for your key phrases? Presumably the answer is to make money.

However getting to the top of the Google SERPs is just one step in the process of securing a conversion. Here at Hemel Web Design  we can provide the full package, including SEO services, and of course web design, all of which is geared towards getting that sale or enquiry that is going to provide genuine return on investment.

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