Precision Property Maintenance approached Hemel Web Design as they had lost touch and control of their old website. The site had been in place for a few years, was looking dated and needed a refresh. The team at PPM wanted to have control of their website and not just be dependant on a wed designer that was hard to contact and unreliable. HWD was happy to help out and support PPM in regaining control of their domain name. HWD then took all the pain away from PPM enabling them to concentrate on their business and not have to worry about their website and if there email was going to work each time they tried to send a message.
For now PPM have control back in their hand. They have a basic cost effective site that is a lot more reflective of their own high professional standards. They will be able to develop the site further in the new year in their own time to deliver the functionality that they really want.


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