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Hemel Web Design  make websites for people that are built for the future and can be viewed on any device. making all kinds of professional websites to fit your needs and your budget.


With a whole host of hosting options Hemel Web Design can give your website a safe place to live. Fast, Safe and Secure, it’s as simple as that.


A professional email address is vital for any business.
whether you require a simple domain based email or a full business exchange. Hemel Web Design have it covered

Professional websites that can be viewed on any device

We will guide you through the design process incorporating Investigation, Design, Build, Review and Release. This is to ensure you are aware of what is happening at every step of the way.

We also believe that this is your website. Everyone has heard of the companies that will build you a cheap website and then want to charge you for every little change. That is not us!! As such we believe you should have full access and be able to make all the changes you want to. we use a content management system that will allow you to do this. It powers approximately 20% of all website you have ever seen on the internet. Making it fast and easy to use. it also makes it nice and easy for you to get noticed in Google.

By doing this it means that your site is being build for the future. going you the power to move with the times without having to completely rewrite all your content should you want to freshen your site up. or update some of the design elements at any point in the future.

You can see some of our work here


All websites need a place to call home. This is where they are stored on the internet for all to see. That is what is meant  when you hear the term hosting.

Web Hosting, in layman terms this is simply put a computer that is connected to the internet permanently that has your website on it for all to see. It is always switched on so that visitors to your site can see the files and images that make up your website.

Do I need this i hear you ask?

Well you could use your own computer if you wanted it to be open to every hacker on the internet. The computers used by professional hosting companies are extremely big and powerful to ensure that your website is always available. Not only that they have extremely fast internet connections and a whole host of security that just isn’t available to you on your own computer.

Whether your site is going to be the next eBay or Facebook or simply a small personal site you have just for fun our hosting solutions make it easier, faster, safer and a whole load more reliable than trying to host your site on your own computer or server.

Hemel Web Design Hosting


If you have a business your email address says something about you.

Hemel Web Design Email

Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, and Live all very good for personal use, but if you get an email from a business using these email addresses what does it say? Is it professional? Can they Be trusted?

Your business email address says a lot about you and your brand. Having it aligned with the website domain name is vital in business. It Says that your are professional and you can be trusted. Email address with domain names scream professionalism.

I mean would you buy a service from quicksale246@hotmail.com?

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