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one-click_openxSet up and manage ads easily with OpenX Source

Previously known as OpenAds, OpenX Source is a versatile open source ad platform and management tool that helps you monetise your website effectively.

Whether you’re working with one site or a network of several, OpenX Source helps you manage advertising banners and campaigns and create detailed reports with all the information you need. OpenX Source takes care of banner rotation and allows you to have internal ads and third party ads (e.g. Google Adsense) active simultaneously. Backed by comprehensive tracking and an integrated interface, OpenX makes it easy to manage advertisers, adverts and your income.

OpenX Source also includes zone-based ad selection and campaign targeting, click-tracking, direct advert selection and specific ad targeting via browser, domain, language and more. Heart Internet web hosting  plans are optimised for your OpenX Source install, and include unlimited space, bandwidth and databases so you can develop your website without limits. Save time filling out forms, downloading and uploading files thanks to our one click installer, which helps you set up OpenX Source for your site in seconds. We use state-of-the-art UK data centres, and our in-house support team is on hand to answer your queries 24/7 every day of the year.

To get started, simply choose from our web hosting  packages, then log into your control panel to install OpenX Source. We also have dozens of other free one click installs for you to choose from, including WordPress, OpenCart, phpBB and many more.




Why choose OpenX Source?

OpenX Source is a versatile choice for anyone looking to implement ads on the website or network. Features include:

  • One click integration with OpenX market (to open up your source of potential advertisers).
  • Price protection – set a minimum price for your ad space to ensure you get the prices you want.
  • Real-time advertiser bidding.
  • Multiple pricing models including CPM, CPC and CPA.
  • Detailed reports to show which banner/campaign was shown on each site, clicks, conversions and revenue.
  • Multiple targeting options, including geography, time and custom variables.
  • Ability to serve rich media ads (such as video and interactive).
  • Apply frequency capping by visitor and by total ad views.
  • Provide your advertisers with a secure login for uploading creative and viewing reports.
  • Divide your site’s inventory into channels or zones – whichever suits the way you sell.
  • Set priorities and parameters for your campaigns and banners.
  • Email support – insert your ads into emails.
  • Detailed reports to show banners and campaign shown per site, clicks, conversions and revenue generated.


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OpenX Source hosting features

Our web hosting is optimised for OpenX Source and plenty of other software installs so you can transfer your site or set up a new one quickly and easily. Hemel Web Design hosting  means you can take advantage of:

    • Unlimited hosting – With no space, bandwidth or database restrictions on our OpenSource X web hosting plans, you can grow your site with peace of mind.
    • One-click OpenX Source install – Save time by installing OpenX Source in seconds using our free one-click installer.
    • 24/7 UK support – We don’t outsource any of our support; our team is situated in-house in the UK and trained to provide excellent support whatever time of day or night you get in touch. You’ll get a reply within minutes as we have some of the industry’s fastest response rates.
    • Free one-click install library – Install software in seconds with our handy one click install library. Get access to unlimited installs of WordPress, Joomla!, phpBB, OpenCart and many more from our extensive one-click install library.
  • Affordable, feature-rich hosting – Heart Internet OpenX Source hosting starts from just £4.49 per month equivalent and includes our user-friendly control panel, free web tools and resources, dozens of one-clicks and much more. We’re always updating and adding new features at no extra cost.


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